The Earth was originally a water world

The Earth was originally a water world, just as Genesis 1:9 said it was. The proof has been found in zircon crystals contained in the world’s oldest rocks.

Facts/Science Supporting This

Genesis 1:9 indicates that immediately after the formation of the Earth, this planet was a water world; the Earth’s entire surface was covered by water.  Recent research conducted on zircon crystals found in the world’s oldest rocks confirms this fact.  These zircon crystals date to the very earliest period of the planet’s formation and contain evidence that there were no continents, mountains or significant land masses existing at that time, only water.

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The zircon crystals in these oldest rocks contain tiny inclusions of the Earth’s primordial oceans, surface, and atmosphere.  The crystals were formed immediately after the surface cooled enough to allow water to remain liquid.  These inclusions indicate the Earth’s entire surface was covered by water.  If there had been any land, its chemical signature would have been recorded in the inclusions of these crystals and there are no such chemicals present.

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This research was reported in Nature Geoscience, DOI 10.1038/ngeo2942

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