Existence of 83 People in the Bible Confirmed

Bible critics wrong again in their claims people written about in the Bible did not exist.  Truth is 83 (and still counting) people mentioned in the Bible have been confirmed to be real people by secular/non-Biblical sources.

Facts/Science Supporting This

The Summer 2021 issue of Biblical Archaeological Review in an article entitled, “New Testament Religious Figures Confirmed”, reviews the latest findings of secular scholars on the historicity of people mentioned in the Bible.  The main focus of this article is the religious figures involved with Jesus’.  The sources used were exclusively secular. No Biblical or Christian sources were used at all. These purely non-Christian sources have confirmed 30 New Testament figures and 53 Old Testament names as “real people.”  These identifications have been made primarily from archaeological remains, such as monuments, signet rings, cylinder seals, and similar artifacts.

Want More?

Numerous Biblical critics over the last 200 years have claimed that the Bible is a compilation of myths, legends and fabrications.  As recently as 30 years ago many scholars were claiming that Israel’s King David never existed.  Even more surprisingly just 50 years ago a few well know scholars were still claiming that Jesus Himself never existed. However, as archaeological and scholarly research has continued more and more discoveries have been made that confirm the actual, factual existence of more and more people mentioned in the Bible.

The Biblical Archaeology Review article mentions 7 religious figures, such as Caiaphas, the High Priest, John The Baptist, James, the brother of Jesus, and Gamallel The Elder, and references 23 other people, including Herod Agrippa 1, Herod Antipas and Pontius Pilate.  In addition to these New Testament people, 53 people named in the Old Testament have also been confirmed as “real people”.

In these identifications only non-Biblical sources have been used, meaning all Christian sources, such as  letters from early church fathers, early bishops, and other Christians who were old enough to have had firsthand knowledge of Biblical figures, and the Christian leaders who came immediately after them were excluded. If Christian sources, such as letters of Bishops from the First Century had been included, these listings of confirmed Biblical figures would jump to much larger numbers.  For example, such excluded letters confirm the existence of all twelve of the Apostles as actual historical figures. In addition, as more research is conducted, all of these numbers will continue to grow and future discoveries of this type can be expected, continuing to confirm Biblical reliability, accuracy, and historicity.

For more Information – Go to the Source:

Biblical Archaeological Review, “New Testament Religious Figures Confirmed” by Lawrence Mykytiuk, Summer 2021, Volume 47 No. 2 pp. 38-47.

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