Do You Need Your Brain?

Do You Need Your Brain? - There is more to consciousness than physics and chemistry can explain.

Facts/Science Supporting This

Evidence of a supernatural aspect to the brain is the famous case of a young honors graduate student in mathematics at Sheffield University in England.  The student was experiencing occasional headaches, so his physician ordered a brain scan.  The brain scan revealed that about 97%+ of his brain was missing, replaced by spinal fluid.  With only an extremely thin outer layer of brain tissue about 1 millimeter thick the young man was a first class math student.

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Materialists have been trying to prove for decades that consciousness is just the result of biochemical processes taking place in the brain and has no supernatural aspect to it.  This continues to be claimed despite the repeated failure of research and clinical evidence to support it.

One of these contrary evidences has been the occasional case of someone undergoing some sort of horrendous trauma or surgery of the brain and coming out of it unscathed. Probably the most dramatic example of this was reported in Science, the world’s most prestigious science journal.  The brain scan of a mathematics honor student shocked everyone.  To quote the patient’s doctor, “The boy has virtually no brain.”  The only brain tissue that was detected was a cortical layer of about 1 mm on the inner perimeter of the skull. About 97%+ of the brain in this case had been replaced by spinal fluid.

However, this is not a unique case.  Sheffield Hospital has a unit specializing in spina bifida. The article reports over 600 similar cases.  Many of these cases do experience mild to extremely severe disabilities; however about 10% of the cases, of those that are the most severe, those with over 95% of the brain missing were tested for IQ. The results were 50% scored IQ’s greater than 100, putting them in the normal IQ range of the total population.

If consciousness only comes from material, physical processes, these results should not be possible.  There is more to consciousness than just the brain.

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“Is Your Brain Really Necessary”, Volume 210 p.12, Science.

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